Basketball Shooting Drills

Whether you are working on making the cut for your middle school basketball team or shooting for a basketball scholarship, Basketball shooting drills that are done on a regular basis can help you to more easily attain your goal. Daily shooting drills should become like breathing, you just can’t live without them. It is this dedication that will mean the difference between almost making it and excelling as a skilled basketball player at any age. Although, as we all know, there is a lot more to the game besides shooting, it’s the shots that make the points, and that’s what makes shooting drills so important. 

Before we get to the actual shooting drill suggestions and some excellent resources for your daily drill routine, we should probably talk about better shooting with a basketball shooting sleeve. In the same manner as a compression bandage protects your arm and warms up your muscles, so does a good quality shooting sleeve. Shooting sleeves, like the Dotshot basketball sleeve, have been known to assist in the healing of conditions like water on the elbow, bursitis and tennis elbow. Whether you have any of these conditions or not, you can count on achieving better shooting with a basketball shooting sleeve. The Dotshot helps by promoting correct ball arc, improved elbow alignment, better arm awareness and enhanced accuracy. 

The same can be said for another excellent shooting aid like the J Glove Finger Splint Basketball Shooting Glove Aid, which can help you by preventing incorrect wrist mechanics and finger flexion, allowing for max wrist joint extension and creating more power and arc on your shots. Also, by improving finger separation, the glove can help you in obtaining essential control of the ball. 

One excellent resource for Basketball shooting drills that we like can be found at This site is complete with detailed easy to follow instructions and even pictures for those of you who prefer to see how it’s done, not just read about it. Their content even includes a video to help you with your free throw drills. Other illustrated drills include a floor shooting drill, bulls eye drill, the westhead or muscle memory drill, and a free throw drill featuring positive imagery as an aid. The best place to start is with their floor shooting drill, which is done lying on your back, and is excellent for developing a steady shooting motion and proper follow-through. 

Another Basketball shooting drills resource that we like is , which features well-designed videos of basic shooting drills, mastering the mid-range shot, lay-up drills, and 3-point shooting drills. Most professionals would recommend that you start first with their basic shooting drills, of course, and then work on the other well-rounded shooting drills once you’ve mastered the basics.

Armed with these suggested Basketball shooting drills resources and your strong desire to excel at basketball as your chosen sport, you can’t go wrong. Just give it all you’ve got and don’t slack off on your daily shooting drills and, before long, you too can be shooting multiple 3-pointers. And, where is the best place to go to purchase the top basketball shooting sleeves and find the very best in all other shooting resources available today? Why, right here at

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