Basketball Shooting Sleeve

More and more basketball players are wearing therapeutic arm sleeves since they were introduced in 2000 when Allen Iverson began wearing what came to be commonly known as a Basketball shooting sleeve. Young amateur players, from the schoolyard to the college court, have begun wearing them as well in an effort to imitate their NBA heroes. Basketball sleeves are currently the biggest selling NBA item worldwide other than team apparel. College basketball players wear them every day and they are allowed under NCAA rules, both for medical purposes and as a cool sports fashion statement. NBA players are free to wear them as well, unless they display corporate logos, which are not allowed under NBA rules.

Shooter sleeves function much like a basic compression bandage, since they protect a player’s arm from possible new injuries and aid in faster healing. Iverson wore his arm sleeve even after the healing process ended; and soon other NBA players, like Kobe, started wearing them as well, and they quickly became an NBA sports fashion statement.

Fashion aside, there are a number of valid reasons for a player to wear a Basketball shooting sleeve. One of the main reasons is that an arm sleeve will keep their shooting arm much warmer and aid in preventing tight muscles between shots. A warmer arm is a more accurate arm. Another good reason is that an arm sleeve protects a player’s skin against accidental scratches that can be caused by the fingernails of an opponent, often resulting in the scratched player having to leave the game if he’s bleeding.

For medical reasons, there are several specific conditions that can be helped by an arm sleeve. They include olecranon bursitis or water on the elbow, epicondylitis also known as tennis elbow or thrower’s elbow, as well as general muscle strains and sprains.

So, it looks like the Basketball shooting sleeve is here to stay, especially in the NBA, whether for purely medicinal purposes or simply as a fashion accessory. 

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