Shooting Better Free Throws

Literally translated, a foul shot or free throw is an unopposed shot where a player is attempting to score points from an assigned area of the basketball court, known as the foul line or free throw line. When an opposing team member commits a foul against you, you get a free throw and each successful free throw is worth a point. Those fouls that warrant free throw shooting for the other team are numerous and tend to be one of the most confusing facets of the game.

The most frequent foul occurs when an opposing player causes you to miss a shot, resulting in two to three free throws. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your team’s score exponentially or even possibly to win the game. If you’re playing in an important game, this could very well be one of those times that you’ll be wishing you had practiced your free throw shooting form more aggressively.

Shooting better free throws does not happen by accident nor without concentration and hard work. But, if you truly love basketball, it won’t seem like work at all. It’s just plain fun with the added benefit of greatly improving your free throw shooting form. Good players who practice regularly make a higher percentage of free throws. Generally, most NBA players make around 70 to 80 percent of their attempted free throws and the best players make around 90 percent. At the other end of the spectrum, poor free throw shooting players average only about 50 percent. The theory is fairly widespread that the taller the player, the better they should be at free throw shooting; however that has proven to be a major misnomer. Some super-sized players have actually turned out to be some of the worst at free throw shooting, especially in the NBA, where some of the tallest players, who will remain nameless, but we all know who they are, will go down in history as the worst ever at free throw shooting.

There are numerous excellent resources for step-by-step free throw shooting practice methods. One that we found especially helpful, based upon its simplicity and concise compacted tips is . Another of our favorites is, which although much more involved, includes some great outlined details for shooting better free throws.

Remember, the more you practice and the better quality practicing that you get in the habit of regularly fitting into your busy schedule, the better your overall free throw shooting form will be. So, pick one or better yet, combine several into your own personal practice program, so that you can excel at free throw shooting in no time at all.

Proper equipment can also play an integral part in shooting better free throws. You might want to consider purchasing a basketball shooting sleeve to improve your own personalfree throw shooting form and increase your shot percentage. A shooting sleeve can help by protecting your shooting arm and keeping those muscles warm. The Dotshot basketball sleeve, as well as other shooting sleeves available at , have also proven helpful in healing shooting arm conditions such as shooter’s elbow or bursitis. Whether for medicinal purposes, or just plain better shooting, a shooting sleeve could be a great help in your road to shooting better free throws.


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